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Stores hope gift returns lead to more sales

Retailers hope their after Christmas sales help turn gift returns into more revenue.

After what many are calling this the worst holiday shopping season ever, many retailers say there haven't been many gift returns over the past couple of days. One store owner said shoppers probably did not have much to return, since they didn't buy much leading up to Christmas.

"Very few. We're very fortunate so far. Our day yesterday was, you could count it on your hand," explained Marv Prue, owner of Woldenbergs.

Stores also say shoppers were much more focused this year than in years past.

"I noticed definitely that when they were shopping before the holidays they knew exactly what they wanted or what the people wanted, so there was very little returns yesterday. We only had $6 in returns, which is great," said Jasinski, Pendleton Manager.

Stores are determined to take the few people coming in for merchandise returns, and turn them into customers. They hope clearance sales, some offering as much as 75 percent off, help generate interest.

"When people come in, we're like, oh you need to exchange an item for a different size or what are you looking for? You definitely don't want to accept that as a strict return. You want to turn it into a sale," said Jasinski.

Many shoppers says the strategy is working.

"Walked in with one (thing to return), walked out with three," admitted Tom Burke, a shopper at Hilldale Mall.

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