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New year's fitness resolutions

MADISON (MedStar) -- A lot of people choose weight loss for their New Year's resolution.

  In this Medical Minute, we offer up the top fitness picks for 2009.

  The future of fitness is fusion.

  This laid back class fuses yoga and pilates to make yoga-lates.

  Trainer Anne Wilkinson said, "fusion takes a little bit of cardio, a little bit of resistance training, or like in a yoga-lates, a little bit of mind body connection with the stretch and core toning and stretching and puts it together and, and helps to illicit the response that the client needs without them investing three, four, five hours in the gym."

  When she's not putting a class through its paces, Anne Wilkinson is a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise.

  Along with fusion classes, the A.C.E. list of trends to watch in 2009 includes a back to basics approach.

  Wilkinson said, "let's build that cardiovascular base and that muscle toning or resistance base and the flexibility base. And then from there, let's allow the individual to go out and live their lives to have a fuller or a better experience in life because they're more physically fit."

  Kettlebell class includes using old fashioned, yet hardcore, kettlebells.

  Wilkinson added, "it's starting to come back. In the industry, a lot more fitness professionals are seeing the benefit of kettlebells and, and how that can motivate somebody, a new toy will motivate somebody into, you know, coming into the gym and taking a kettlebell class or a personal training session one on one."

  Exercizer Jim Montague said, "I got like the best workout of all the workouts I've ever done [with kettlebells]."

  Multi-purpose fitness centers, those that include cardio machines, weights and classes were all the rage.

  Now, you're starting to see speciality facilities, like one which features vibrating power-plate workouts.

  The power-plate uses whole body vibration to give you more of a workout in a lot less time.

  Wilkinson added, "now what we're seeing is people specializing in one thing or another. So you'll see the increase in pilates studios. You'll see the increase in yoga studios where these centers are focusing on come in, all I do is personal training, come in to my studio and it's me and you, one on one and we're gonna work together. Instead of coming into the gym where it's one stop shopping, kind of like the Wal-Mart or the Sam's Club kind of approach to fitness."

  The bottom line is finding the time to put physical fitness back on your agenda in the new year.

  "I think it's really important going into 2009 for people to, to focus back on basics. I think that they need to take a look at in their life where they can fit in the exercise classes or their visits to the gym or how about just a walk outside," said Wilkinson

  And that should give you all the incentive you need to walk the walk in the new year.

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