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Israel continues massive air raids in Gaza


GAZA (ABC) -- For a third day, Israel hammered at Hamas targets throughout Gaza.

  Israeli planes and helicopters hit the offices of the Hamas prime minister, two buildings at a university, and Israeli naval forces struck ships and positions on land.

  As the death and destruction in Gaza mounts, so too does the anger.

  Israel's foreign minister says it wants to end the constant barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israeli cities and break Bamas once and for all.

  Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni said, "Hamas represents an extreme Islamic ideology. They are not fighting for palestinian rights they are to deny us our right to exist."

  Hamas rocket attacks increased after it allowed the six month cease fire to expire last week.

  Monday, the rocket attacks were fewer as Israeli forces tightened their grip on Gaza by using drones and 24-hour survelillance.

  The big question: what is Israel's next move?

  Israeli tanks continue maneuvers on the Gaza border and the government here has okayed the callup of 6500 reservists for possible ground operations.

  But compared to previous Israeli ground operations, the numbers and preparations so far are small by comparison. 

  Gaza - only three miles wide and 15 miles long - is a densely populated home to one and half million Palestinians.

  It would take a massive effort for Israel to occupy even part of the area.

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