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A New Year, and a chance for a fresh start

MADISON (WKOW) -- From personal betterment to hopes for the country, Madisonians covered the gamut of promises this holiday.

It seems appropriate the Times Square New Year's ball is made of thousands of Waterford crystals. If only this crystal ball could peer into the future, and show us who'll actually keep their New Year's resolutions.

"I'm gonna quit," said Meghan Salov. "I called the quit line. I have 20 days to quit smoking."

But while some people talked about the tried and often failed self-improvement promises, nearly everyone talked about money.

"Just really watching it and cutting back on things I really don't need," said Katherine Jackson. "Things I might have splurged on."

"Being a college student it's hard to save money because I have to pay for school and stuff," said Laurie Cicchese.

With consumer confidence the lowest in decades, people are resolving to ask for help, and to help one another.

"We've already cut back," said Maggie Boyd. "I'm hoping we don't have to cut back anymore. I guess my hopes for the New Year are pinned on the government doing good things for all of us."

"A lot of my friends are laid off of work," said Alyssa Wahl. "It's really tough and hours are getting reduced. We're just trying to stick together and pull through as much as we can."

Others are hoping life will get better by foregoing what they consider to be a silly tradition.

Said Violet Touchton, "Apparently everyone has resolutions and then they never act on them. So, I won't do that. I think it's best to live everyday the absolute best that you can."

"No resolutions at all" was a common thread. A lot of people said 2008 was a year of sacrifice --so many had to give up things involuntarily last year -- they say resolutions just seemed inappropriate.

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