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Sliding off road in Dodge County could bring fine

JUNEAU, Wis. (AP) -- If you drive too fast in slippery conditions in Dodge County, you could face a $180 fine if you end up sliding off the road.

  Sheriff Todd Nehls says his department responded to more than 1,500 slide-offs in 2008.

  He says every time there's snow and ice, there are always drivers who fail to slow down accordingly.

  He says speeders who end up in the ditch will face a $180 fine. He says giving a citation is "the right thing to do."

  During the first snowstorm of the season, Dodge County deputies responded to reports of 66 vehicles in ditches. About 20 drivers were cited.

  Nehls says people who get tickets should learn a valuable lesson.

  He says the lucky ones only run into ditches, but the unfortunate ones slide into oncoming traffic and cause injuries.

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