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Make sure your digital TV converter box works

LONE ROCK (WKOW) -- Bobby Jones thought he was doing everything right getting ready for the nation's switch to digital broadcasting.

He signed up for a government coupon when they first became available last winter. 

He bought a converter box before most people knew what they were last March. 

And this week, he tried connecting it to his television set, still a month away from the February 17th switch date.

But it didn't work.  The power button doesn't turn on the device.

"You're stuck," said Jones.  He tried to exchange the box with a new one at Best Buy, but the company refused.

"The manager told me there's a 30 day exchange policy.  Obviously, it's way past March," said Jones.  "I thought I should contact channel 27's Dan Cassuto to see if he could help out."

Jones said he didn't install the box until now because he didn't feel an urgent need to do so.  Of course, analog broadcast signals still work until Feb. 17.

27 News was able to help.  We called Best Buy's corporate office.  At first, the company didn't want to adjust its return or exchange policy. 

But Best Buy later said they could honor the manufacturer's warranty and give Jones a new converter box.

The company also request we send another message to viewers.  Make sure you test your converter boxes as soon as possible to be sure they work.

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