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Working on workplace relationships


MADISON (WKOW) -- With the current job outlook, it's no wonder why so many people who actually still have a job may be even more stressed than usual. But one local consultant and author says you can find peace of mind at work. Kathleen Paris is Someone You Should Know.

Recently, Paris was the featured speaker at the Madison Area Quality Improvement Network lunchtime meeting where improvement is the key.

Paris says just turn what she calls a three-leaf clover to improve your work-life and decrease stress.

"I know work is stressful, I don't think it has to be that way. Some of the stress we create ourselves."

And the number one stress-inducer is relationships

Paris recently wrote a book called Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations: The Clover Practice.

It's based on three principals or leaves, of how to de-stress and find peace at work.

"The first one is to tell the truth, always, even if we don't look good, even if it's not convenient."

According to Paris, a study of 40,000 workers found that 93% admit to lying habitually and regularly in the workplace. That sure makes you think twice about something your co-worker recently told you

Another component of "to tell the truth always:" there is more than just one truth.

Kathleen used 3D pictures to illustrate her point: some people can see the image, other people can't. But just because you can't see the picture doesn't mean it's not there.

The second leaf or principal to practice: speak for yourself.

"That is to say, this is what I've seen, this is what I've heard, this is what I've noticed, this is what I was expecting rather than talking about what is wrong with the other person."

And she says that constructive criticism is still criticism. Feedback is a better way to express your concerns.

The final leaf: declare your interdependence.

"The person down the hall, or that the office or even our customers or suppliers have to be successful. That we are part of a living fabric and my success depends on other people being successful."

So at the end of the day if you can't find that inner peace, Paris says move on.

"If you are in a situation where you can't be honest you need to find a different job ... there may be other positions in your same company or your same organization that may be a better fit for you so you don't always have to go somewhere to get a better situation."

Kathleen says that many people don't realize that what we experienced growing up affects how we act today in our relationships in and outside of work.

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