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Do-over of executive orders not seen necessary

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The presidential oath was given a do-over.

The executive orders were not.

The White House figures it wasn't necessary to have President Barack Obama re-sign the executive orders that he had signed yesterday, before taking oath of office for a second time.

The oath was administered again by Chief Justice John Roberts just to be absolutely sure, since a couple of words had been scrambled during the swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol Tuesday.

But Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs says it wasn't necessary for Obama to again sign the orders he had signed Wednesday, including lobbying restrictions and a pay freeze for top White House staff, since the White House counsel's office still considers Obama to have been sworn-in "appropriately and effectively" the first time.

The re-do was done out of what the White House says was "an abundance of caution."

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