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Transform Your Basement

Finishing your basement is one of the best ways to enhance your living space. Your basement can be as inviting as your first floor. Whether its an extra family room, office, playroom or just a quiet place to call your own, finishing your basement is the greatest way to enhance the livability of your home and increase the value and appeal of your property. 
A basement has unique characteristics and has the most design flexibility of any area in your home. A clever use of space can pay off very nicely. Frey Construction wants to help you transform your basement into a stylish comfortable living space. With our exclusive basement features, you can begin enjoying your new finished basement almost immediately.  
When you need more living space, by-pass the attic, forget the backyard, and turn to the basement. Turn that wasted space into a family place. Your Basement is prime remodeling territory. For many homeowners, it's the best-kept secret in space expansion! Our commitment to you is to help you get ready to enjoy your dream basement, whether it includes an entertainment room, workout room, home office, children's play area or all of the above! 
Basement Comparisons: 

  1. Conventional Construction
  2. Other basement systems
  3. Basement Systems of America¬©  

1.Conventional Construction Walls:  

  1. Typically made from drywall 
  2. Susceptible to mold. 
  3. Large Sheets are hare hard to maneuver through landings and tight spaces. 
  4. Difficult access to back wall and unable to remove in case of flooding. 
  5. Expensive to replace and re-paint. 

Installation, Framing and Finishing:

  1. Average installation 4-16 weeks depending on the size of the project.
  2. Drywall can be very messy to install. 
  3. Dust and other debris can enter ventilation system and deposit all over the house. 
  4. Typically wood framing that can deteriorate over time grow mold. 
  5. Paint or wallpaper. Can be time consuming and expensive to replace in the event of damage. 
  6. Re-painting required every few years.
  7. Holes or damages to wall difficult to patch and match existing walls.
  8. Not easy to remove. 

2.Other basement systems 

  1. Modular systems that are in large sections
  2. One piece panels that can be heavy and difficult to maneuver in tight spaces and through landings.
  3. May require cutting of floors or existing stairs to get the panels in place.
  4. Difficult to remove one piece construction in the event of a flood or other damages.
  5. Difficult to hang pictures or other items from cloth walls.

Installation, Framing and Finishing: 

  1. Typically 2-6 weeks depending on the size of the job.
  2. More time needed to cut one piece to fit into the spaces.
  3. Metal framing.
  4. In some cases more framing may be needed to hold the weight of heavy one piece construction.
  5. Increased job cost and installation time. 
  6. Wall seam tape needs to be replaced over time. 
  7. One piece construction makes it difficult and expensive to replace any damaged panels or remove them if flooding occurs.
  8. Cloth walls cannot be easily cleaned. 

3. Basement Systems of America¬© 


  1. Non-organic material resists mold and mildew.
  2. Breathable panels allow airflow.
  3. Won't wick or absorb water like conventional construction.
  4. 15 oz. fire rated vinyl wall covering.
  5. Exclusive 3-part lamination process.
  6. Soft wall technology: developed to provide structure, while being padded to prevent dents, dings, scratches, etc. 

Installation, Framing and Finishing: 

  1. Panelized system is easy to assemble.
  2. 2-3 day installation time; no drywall dust; no heavy materials damaging stairwell, walls, etc; minimal inconvenience due to installers.
  3. Removable panels make for easy alterations after your basement is installed.
  4. Lightweight panels make it easy to carry, install, remove, etc.
  5. Decorative vinyl molding system with standard chair rail and stylish corner trim used to frame out walls.
  6. 3 designer wall coverings to add style, elegance, and class to your basement.
  7. Decorative molded chair rail standard.
  8. Batten-less connection system for smooth transition between panels.
  9. Two-tone color option, available at not up charge.


  1. Vinyl is easily maintained: soap friendly and easy to wash.
  2. Convenient composite connection system doesn't stain or collect dust, dirt.
  3. Stain proof panel material. 
  4. Never have to paint walls.  

Need more space? A place to relax, entertain, watch the big game...
or for the visiting in-laws? We've got the solution! 
Here are five reasons why you should call Frey Construction NOW to have your basement finishing system installed before the holidays!

  1. You love your visiting family, but where are you going to put them?You'll now have more space and privacy! 
  2. You already pay for the space - you might as well use it!
  3. Frey Construction is known for high quality home improvements as well as the highest quality materials! 
  4. What a great investment for your home, not to mention the added home value! Products offer maintenance freedom, mold resistance, energy efficiency, plus we'll have your basement finished within 2 weeks!
  5. All this, plus the comfort of knowing that you are covered with our 15 year workmanship a lifetime product warranty! Offer 

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