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Quality Windows

Frey Construction and Home Improvement, LLC. installs and stands behind the quality of the windows we install.

For the first time, old and new come together beautifully. Sherwood Custom Wood Replacement Windows and Doors artfully combine the warmth of finely crafted wood with the advanced performance of vinyl. The results are a perfect union of distinctive beauty and superior technology.

The key to Sherwood Custom Wood Replacement Windows is its patented TimberView Technology. Wood and Vinyl expand and contract at different rates when temperatures rise and fall. TimberView Technology allows these two popular window materials to expand and contract together. This "float" method needs no adhesives or fasteners. And, there's no potential moisture build up behind the wood. 

Standard Features include:

  1. Hardwood interior in poplar or oak, ready to stain or paint
  2. Maintenance-free vinyl Multi-chambered exterior
  3. Fully fusion welded frame and sashes
  4. Double pane IntelliGlass Low E Glass / Argon fill
  5. Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System
  6. Adjustment-free Constant Force Balances
  7. Sloped Sill Double Hung with High Performance water resistance weep system
  8. Two Full Interlocks - at Meeting rails and Sill
  9. Full Screen with fiberglass mesh
  10. Overlap Interlocking Sash Rails
  11. Exterior Foam Insulation Wrap for added insulation
  12. Multiple Rows of Weatherstrip
  13. Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty

Optional Features include:

  1. ClimaGuard SPF total UV protection
  2. Obscure Glass
  3. Tinted Glass
  4. Tempered Glass

Decorative Options:

Color Options: White Vinyl Exterior, Clay Vinyl Exterior Hardware Finishes - White, Champagne, Brass

Interior Snap In Wood Grille: Colonial or Prairie Style

Internal (between the glass) Grid Types: Flat white, Georgian Color Matched and two tone (clay/white), Pencil Brass, Pencil Pewter

Grid Patterns: Colonial, Diamond, Prairie

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Package: Interior snap in wood grille, and exterior vinyl grids applied to the glass. Available in Colonial or Prairie style.

Lower energy bills. Attractive appearance. Easier Cleaning. Maintenance-free operation. Increased Home Value. These are just some of the benefits you get with every Gorell product you purchase.

Gorell windows and doors are engineered and manufactured - specifically for your home - to provide all these benefits and more. They are that good because of the unique combination of skilled craftsmanship, advanced design and manufacturing technology, and the finest materials and hardware.

Your new Gorell windows or doors will make your life more comfortable - and add value to your home. Plus, they are accompanied with the absolute best warranty in the business.

Gorell Product Features - Anything but Standard

The Finest Materials: The protective properties of the specially engineered vinyl Gorell uses far exceed those of wood, aluminum and other vinyl materials. Gorell vinyl is an excellent insulator, which translates to high energy efficiency. The consistent color throughout the material means you'll never have to paint or stain. Simply clean your Gorell windows and doors with mild soap and warm water.

Strength and Security: Every Gorell window is equipped with specially designed locking hardware that provides excellent protection against forced entry. Gorell's Armor Glass windows and doors are nearly impenetrable, and they also help to block out harmful ultraviolet radiation and exterior noise.

Cutting-Edge Construction: Gorell windows and doors feature multi-chambered extrusions with special box and I-beam construction for greater strength and structural integrity. Unlike ordinary windows with joints that are screwed or stapled together, Gorell vinyl products are fusion-welded, with results in the tightest, squarest and strongest possible joints.

Easy Operation: Gorell windows are engineered to provide smooth, effortless movement. Their rugged yet easy-to-operate handles hold projecting windows open imprecisely the position you want. Unlike cumbersome block-and tackle or spiral balance systems with problematic strings and springs, the constant force balance system provides smooth and easy operation, regardless of window size.

Superior Insulation: The sealed air pockets created by the multi-chambered vinyl extrusions result in excellent insulating properties. Gorell also uses double weather stripping for a refrigerator-tight seal that improves thermal efficiency. The warm-edge technology of PPG's Intercept glazing system provides greater comfort all year long. And, for the ultimate in cost-saving energy efficiency, Gorell offers numerous glass systems. Each features one or more low-emissivity coatings and argon or krypton gas fill inside the insulating glass.

 Smart Choice: The exceptional beauty, design and quality of Gorell products make them the smart choice for your window and door needs. You also get Gorell's unparalleled warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry as well as Frey Construction's 15-year Workmanship Warranty.

for more information on our Quality Windows, go to: http://www.freyconstruction.com/windows.htm

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