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Scammer prints fake checks using Wisconsin's woman bank info


SAUK CITY (WKOW) -- A criminal in Texas went on quite the shropping spree using Lori Warren's money.

Warren discovered more than $2,000 in checks had been spent at Wal-Marts in Texas and Louisana. 

The criminal printed checks using Warren's bank account number, but someone else's name and address.

The checks look completely real and they worked.  The individual was able to make purchases at Wal-Mart through its check service, TeleCheck.

"I would think this is an easy case to solve," said Warren. "But nobody will do it."

In fact, TeleCheck and its collection agency, TRS Recovery, are now coming after Warren to repay the money.

They're sending threatening notices and demanding she start making payments.

Banking industry lawyers say it's not supposed to work that way if the victim submits affidavits of fraud, an official document saying they are not responsible for the bad check.

"They should be stopping all of their efforts against her," said Rose Oswald Poels, senior vice president of the Wisconsin Bankers Assoc.

TeleCheck, TRS Recovery, and its parent company, FirstData, would not discuss Warren's case.

A corporate spokeswoman, Nancy Etheredge, wrote in an email: "TeleCheck is in the business of preventing fraud and we have processes and systems in place to resolve issues for consumers.  We cannot discuss individual cases, but we encourage the consumer to contact TeleCheck again to resolve the problem."

Warren insists she's contacted TRS Recovery many times, but says the company seems unwilling to look into her situation.

27 News will continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates.

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