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Jeremy Ryan candidate bio

(Emailed to WKOW February 9, 2009)

Name:  Jeremy J Ryan

Address: 2843 Cimarron Trail Madison, WI 53719

Cell Phone: 608-469-8232

Age: 20

Employment:  Currently looking for full time work, therefore understand the economic needs of Madison residents!

Education:  Pursuing my Associates degree in Business Administration at Herzing College Online, plan to go up to a MBA (one step at a time)!

Why did I run?

I ran because I always believed that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.  Now, being part of the solution doesn't mean everyone should run for public office to be part of the solution, but I felt that was my way.  Growing up in poverty, at times not even having a roof under my head, I needed to learn how to adapt to ever changing situations.  To make ends meet personally, even from a very early age, I was constantly thinking of solutions.  Basically, if I wanted it to happen I would not stop until it did.  I plan to use this drive and constant thinking to help the City of Madison.  I understand the needs of everyday people.  Like so many, I am struggling to find full time work, and struggling just to make ends meet.  This puts me at a position to understand the local economy and how it effects everyday people.  Like many others, I have some medical issues.  I have heart problems, sometimes it is life-threatening.  I have been turned away, even in Madison, for care in the past due to inability to pay.  I am disabled, so I understand the needs of disabled people.  I use a Segway for mobility and worked with the Metro so that they would allow it as a mobility life in accordance with federal law.  They were more than cooperative.  I will continually be a pioneer for disabled rights.  I run a few smaller businesses out of my home, so I also understand the needs of small business.  I think this will help me fight for what's really important to you, the citizen!

What are your top 3 priorities, and how do you expect to help?

First and foremost, we need to fix the local economy.  This is issue number one, I believe, to the most people.  It is much easier, although by no means easy, to fix the economy on a local level than a state or federal.  I plan to make it easier to do business in Madison, as it is currently very difficult.  I also plan to work at getting more movies and video game companies in our city, as the state already allows them significant tax breaks.  I plan to work with businesses to help them feel more secure about hiring new employees.  Second issue is transportation.  It is getting harder and harder to get around Madison.  Our public transit is known as one of the worst in the country, for cities our size.  It just takes too long to get places.  I plan to fix this by having other surrounding communities help foot the Metro bill and expand the Metro on a regional level.  This will allow us more coverage, while at the same time, if done right, not cost the city any extra tax dollars.  Next, I plan to work with the Metro at tossing out their current routes and revamping their schedules.  We need a system where we can get anywhere we want to go in Madison in less than an hour! The third most important issue is crime.  Crime in Madison is still lower than most cities our size, but is still an issue and is rising.  We need to work with the police to make sure they have everything they need to get the job done and we need to make sure the 911 call center is running properly.  I also support the use of community service officers!

Final notes?

On a final note, I just want to say, I am viewed as the underdog.  I haven't taken in any donations, haven't really asked for any either.  I don't have big name endorsements, I entered into the race too late to even be considered by them.  But what I do have is a desire and a drive to serve the people.  Everything I mentioned as priorities is just how I see it, but what I really care about is the people.  Many have said they are in line with what I have to say, but if you are not, please, my phone is always open.  Thanks!

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