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Non-profits response to budget


Madison (WKOW) -- Governor Doyle had the tough hob of deciding what to cut and what to keep in the budget, but two local non-profit groups were pleased with what he was able to keep and add.

"Our initial reaction here was that he and his staff did a good job of responding to a pretty difficult situation, a 5.7 billion dollar deficit, difficult economy, lots of challenges, lots of new demand for services because so many people in the state are suffering." said Charity Eleson, Executive Director of Wisconsin Council of Children and Families.

Elson is for the most part pleased with Governor Doyle's commitment to health care and education in the new budget.

Eleson went on the say, "what this governor did was he said let's make some really strong commintments here, let's make sure that the people who are in the highest need situations get what they need."

However, Eleson says she is disappointed with a cut to IV-E spending that counties cuse to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Wisonsin Public Interest Research Group, WISPIRG, was also pleased the Doyle's budget.  They like the proposal for Regional Transportaion Authorities and the possiblity of an intercity highspeed rail system.

Bruce Speight, an advocate for WISPRIG, said about the highspeed rail system, "It helps to reduce our depence on oil and our global warming pollution and it's investing in infrastructure so there'll be job creation and it will help to stimulate our economy.  We'll have to update our rail infrastructure, buy the trains, build the trains."

The America Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed by President Obama Tuesday, includes roughly $610 million of transportation investments in Wisconsin.

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