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Healthy cooking without expensive equipment

MADISON (WKOW)--You don't have to spend money on fancy kitchen equipment to cook healthy meals for you and your family.

"Grilling and steaming are great ways to cook healthy because you can cook fish, vegetables or meat without adding any extra fat, and you don't need to buy any special equipment to do them,"  says Paul Hope, kitchen appliances tester at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

When it comes to cooking vegetables, Good Housekeeping says the microwave is your best friend.

"Vegetables actually cook faster in the microwave than they do on a stovetop or in a steamer. add about a tablespoon of water, cover the food, and zap them on high for five minutes for every pound of food."

If you want to grill healthy indoors, good housekeeping says: get a heavy cast iron skillet.

"Preheat the cast-iron skillet on medium-high heat for about three to five minutes and then add up to a teaspoon of oil.  And make sure to only flip the steak once during the cooking process and remove it once its browned evenly on each side."

And while a ridged pan provides outdoor-grill marks, in the Good Housekeeping tests, it didn't reduce the amount of fat any more than a flat-bottomed pan.


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