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Madison Fire Department urges smoke alarm replacement

MADISON (WKOW) -- To help area residents comply with the new smoke alarm ordinance, the Madison Fire Department is urging residents to replace their smoke alarms, instead of just replacing the batteries at Daylight Saving Time.

Earlier this week, the Madison Common Council approved a new ordinance that requires smoke alarms with 10-year lithium batteries designed to last the life of the smoke alarm. Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz signed the ordinance Friday morning.

Under the new ordinance, all smoke alarms must have a 10-year battery in a tamper-resistant alarm unit. Alarms using 9-volt batteris will no longer be used, unless they are being used as a battery back-up to a hard-wired alarm.

Additionally, the ordinance requires additional alarms in every residence:

o In each bedroom

o In each sleeping area

o Within six feet of each door leading to a bedroom or sleeping area of each unit

o On each floor of the building

The ordinance goes into effect on August 15, 2009, 2009 for all residential buildings in the City of Madison, except for owner-occupied, single-family homes. On August 15, 2010, the ordinance goes into effect for all residential structures, including owner-occupied, single-family housing.

You can find more information on the ordinance, placement of the alarms, and safety education materials by clicking here.

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