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$10,000 found in fanny pack on Madison’s east side still unclaimed

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A fanny pack with $10,000 inside was found on Madison's east side and police continue to look for the rightful owner.

Madison Police say a fanny pack that contained a sock with money in it, a phone and an ID card was found at Winnebago Street and Bashford Avenue on July 13 just before 7 p.m.

A good citizen located it and turned the items into police.

"What I'm calling a Good Samaritan," says Police Property Room Supervisor Lorie Anderson. "They wanted to make sure it was in the right authorities' hands."

Anderson says officers have visited the address on the ID card in attempt to return the money to the owner, but he's been unreachable.

Anderson says the woman who found the fanny pack is a neighborhood resident. Anderson says her report of the found money to police complies with a requirement that mandates found amounts above $100 be reported to authorities.

Madison Police policy allows the finder of valuables to file a claim for them. If a claim is filed, the finder must advertise the found items in an area newspaper for two weeks. If the items still go unclaimed, the finder must wait two months before becoming eligible to receive the valuables.

Anderson says the woman who found the fanny pack with the money inside declines comment.

If the money's owner or its finder fail to claim the money, it will go into the City of Madison's general fund.

"That does not go back to the police department," Anderson says. "It goes to the city's general fund."

Anderson says the found money is also listed on the police department's web site.

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