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Back-to-School: Shopping for backpacks on a budget

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- As kids are heading back to school, we know supply shopping can get expensive. That's why we're finding the best ways you can stretch your dollar.

At the top of most back-to-school lists are backpacks.

At Staples, we found several different bags. Most fell in the $25 to $50 range, with the most expensive feeling a bit more sturdy for older kids and heavier books.


On, they have backpacks that are $10. But you have to plan ahead to make sure it'll be delivered on time.

At Walgreens, while they don't have a huge selection, backpacks start at $7.99.


If you're really trying to save money this year, one area mom and blogger has an idea for you.

"We actually went through the supplies that our kids brought back at the end of the last school year and discovered that we had quite a few things that weren't used at all like notebooks and folders," said Alisa Sleep, the owner of

She says once you know what you can reuse, it's easier to tackle supply lists on a budget.

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