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Crews clean up after storms wreck Boscobel

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BOSCOBEL (WKOW) -- City crews and first responders are working to clean up the devastation a line of powerful storms left behind in Boscobel Saturday afternoon. The storms prompted several tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings throughout southern Wisconsin.

A sign which used to welcome visitors to town split in half, and winds downed several powerlines and trees and flattened cornfields.


Wreckage left behind in Boscobel on Saturday (Photo: Sydney Martin, WKOW)

Chris Cale and Summer Olson were out when the storm came through town and took videos on their phones. They described seeing the storm damage several homes, farms and a graveyard.

"It's helpless because you're literally watching this thing happen," Olson said. "I was literally saying 'please stop, please stop, please stop.'"

Cale and Olson said while they've seen severe weather damage like this before, they've never seen it affect their home town of Boscobel.

"It was pretty terrifying," Cale said. "If there's a tornado, it always seems like it goes [around], but not around here."

Firefighters and power crews worked into the night to restore power and clean up damage the storm left. Some told 27 News they hadn't been home yet to check on their own homes.


Crews work into the night to clean up wreckage left behind from storms in Boscobel. (Photo: Sydney Martin, WKOW)

"When we first drove through, you couldn't get through most of these streets, and people are clearing stuff out... just walking down the street and helping one another," Olson said. "I'm grateful I live in a community like that."

The National Weather Service has not yet determined if there was a tornado in Grant County. A team from the NWS office in La Crosse is heading to the area Sunday to survey damage.