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Dane County Sheriff’s Office investigates videotaped Madison Police squad car incident

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Father of high-profile shooting victim records Madison police officer allegedly engaged in sexual activity

MADISON (WKOW) - Dane County Sheriff's Office is involved in the investigation of an alleged sexual encounter between a Madison Police lieutenant and another person in an unmarked, Madison Police vehicle.

The incident Thursday at 2202 South Stoughton Road was videotaped by a passerby.

"We are assisting in the investigation,"  Sheriff's Spokesperson Elise Schaffer tells 27 News.

But that assistance has been significant.

A source tells 27 News Sheriff's personnel towed away an unmarked, Madison Police vehicle from the police department's west district headquarters on McKenna Boulevard two days after the incident.

Sources say Sheriff's investigators have also interviewed people with connections to the incident.

The alleged, broad daylight liaison between the lieutenant and another person was videotaped by Marcel Scott.  Scott says he was in the parking lot of Blain's Farm and Fleet when he stumbled upon the activity in the unmarked squad car.  

Scott's eleven year old daughter, Anisa Scott was fatally wounded in an August 2020 drive-by shooting in Madison.  Court records indicate the gun fire may have been targeting an adult in the car.

Scott's video not only shows the two people in the car apparently engaged in a sex act, it shows the unmarked squad car leaving the big box store's parking lot.

Sources tell 27 News surveillance cameras on the store's property also captured the lieutenant's police squad arriving, along with a separate car being driven by a woman arriving at the same time, both to a section of the parking lot primarily used by store employees.

The section of the parking lot is also adjacent to a public sidewalk that connects South Stoughton Road to a nearby neighborhood.  

Available police records only show one criminal incident involving the store location. That took place in 2013 and involved the theft of batteries from the parking lot location, with suspects arrested near a security fence at the parking lot's boundary.

But employees of an adjacent truck accessories business say there's been signs of illegal activity in the adjacent parking lots and on and near the sidewalk.  They say employees found underwear and other clothing strewn in the area just days ago along the sidewalk and parking lots, with a man later calling the business with concerns he'd lost his wallet in the area.

Police make no comment on whether the lieutenant was on-duty when his actions were videotaped by bystander Scott.  The store location is outside of his assigned work area.  

But the location is twelve miles south of his home in DeForest.

City records show the lieutenant has been with the Madison Police Department for fifteen years with an annual salary of $108,286.  He's on paid, administrative leave in connection with the incident.

27 News is not identifying the member of the police department as he's yet to be the subject of formal, work place disciplinary charges or criminal charges, nor has he been identified by Madison Police.  He's yet to respond to a request for comment from 27 News.

Sources tell 27 News Dane County's district attorney is also involved in at least a portion of the investigation.

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