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Moving company responds to more Madison customer complaints


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Florida-based moving firm is defending its business practices as more complaints arise from Madison residents waiting weeks for their belongings to arrive on company-arranged moving vans.

Jean LeBlanc, 79, says a van was loaded with her valuables from her Buffalo home in mid-July and set out, but there's still no sign of the precious cargo.

LeBlanc says without so many of her personal belongings, her move to Madison still feels in limbo.

"I feel my life's on hold,"  LeBlanc says.

Brooke Hackler's personal possessions were loaded up in Fort Collins, Colorado in June, but have also failed to arrive at her Madison home.

Both women contracted with Ft. Lauderdale-based All Pro Moving Group.

Hackler, 25, says she's spent endless time calling, texting, emailing to try to get a delivery date or find the location of her valuables. 

"I'm exhausted," Hackler says.  "I'm mentally and physically drained."

Hackler went as far as returning to Colorado to join movers of one of All-Pro's subcontracting firms in checking a Denver storage area in an unsuccessful effort to locate her van load.

All Pro Moving Group General Manager Andrew Bennett responded to requests for comment from 27 News with insistence his company is well regarded, and disputing Florida's Better Business Bureau's information on complaints.

 BBB says one hundred complaints against All Pro Moving Group have been received since 2019.

"We only have ninety and we've been in business for years," Bennett says.

Bennett says he's working diligently to locate LeBlanc's belongings and will initiate a search for the location of Hackler's valuables.

"We're a broker," Bennett stresses, and deflects concerns over long delivery times to his subcontracted movers.

 "Sometimes they don't do their jobs great," Bennett says.  "We compensate customers if something is wrong."

"I believe that they misrepresented to me initially as the moving company themselves,"  Hackler says.

Both Hackler and LeBlanc say they've already paid several thousand dollars for the move of their belongings.  They've both filed complaints with the BBB and federal and state agencies.

Bennett maintains the moving industry is beset with the same woes that have caused delays and cancellations in the airline industry. 

"COVID, and it's also a labor shortage," Bennett says.

"They took a lot of money from me," Hackler says.  She says her missing valuables include irreplaceable items from her late mother.  "They have one job...and they've done no service for me."