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Oregon High School’s varsity golf coach helps normalize women coaching men’s teams

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Oregon High School's varsity boys golf team is heading to the state tournament later this week, and head coach Sara Mess is looking forward to getting her players to show some consistency during the competition rounds.

"In golf, you play five players and you count the four lowest scores," she said. "We've pretty consistently been able to get kind of two or three good scores but those fourth and fifth ones have been kind of up and down."

Mess played golf in college and has been coaching for just about 12 years. She's coached at Oregon High School for six. She's one of just a few women in the state who coach boys golf.

Over the years, she's taught men and women but doesn't think that makes much of a difference. Golf skills are also transferrable, she says, no matter who's playing.

"I'm just coaching and my goal is to make them as good as they can be whether they are guys or girls," she said. "It is definitely something though that does make me unusual."

She says she does get some strange looks and questions from spectators sometimes.

"Every so often I'll get asked, 'Oh, is he yours? Is that your son?' she said. "I'm like, no, no, they're all mine! I'm the coach."

But even as she breaks barriers, she tries not to make a big deal out of the position.

"If it's not strange for a guy to be coaching a girls team, I don't think it should be strange for girls to be coaching a guy's team," she said.

The team starts regionals on Tuesday.

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