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Sun Prairie barbershop opens men’s clinic

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- Local barbershop owners teamed up to focus on men's health in their communities.

B. Right Barber & Beauty in Sun Prairie collaborated with JP Hair Design to open the free men's wellness clinic at the Sun Prairie site.

Jason Boatright owns 'B. Right'. Boatright, who is Black, said after cutting the hair of a lot of Black men, he can say with confidence, a lot of them avoid going to the doctor.

"We feel like we invincible. So I felt like this is a clear way to get them to go back there without anybody knowing. Now being more discreet, I think that's a better way to go," Boatright said. "We're dealing with Black men, they like to be more discreet with the things that they're dealing with."

Nursing students at Edgewood College, Amy Schmitz and Madi Lupinek, worked at the clinic on Thursday. They said it's a step towards helping men keep track of their health,.

They said the clinic is checking blood pressure and blood sugar levels for diabetes. They're also talking with those who come in about their nutrition and mental health.

"It's just as an alternate way, to get people to come and kind of just get checked up before anything gets too serious, or just to kind of keep track of their health," Lupinek said.

Boatright said that some men don't think they need to go to the doctor because they're taught otherwise.

"As a young man, a little boy, you've been told to just get up when you fall, you get cut up, you'll be alright," he said. "So as you're getting older, you're still thinking like that, that [frame of mind] is still on any man that they think they're invincible. But that's not true."

Boatright said the clinic is open for everyone.

The clinic will be open Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 4 p.m.

B. Right Barber & Beauty will be holding a COVID-19 vaccine clinic sometime this month.

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