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Dane County coronavirus cases start leveling off, officials say don’t let up on health precautions

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- Especially in Dane County, we're seeing positive coronavirus tests are beginning to level off.

However, many are on edge that could change because of this week's in-person voting.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi says current data shows social distancing has been working well.

He says it's too soon to say what effect in-person voting had on the pandemic, so the county isn't changing any plans right now.

Public health madison dane county says we would see our peak cases in the coming days, but that doesn't mean social distancing should stop.

In fact, Parisi says it's important to keep doing what we're doing.

"It's incredibly important that even as we start getting some better news that we don't let our foot off the gas, this is something we're going to be in for the long haul," he said. "Even as we get to a point when we do get to a point when cases start leveling off, if we let off the gas and go back to our old ways to soon, we're going to see another spike."

One recommendation he had in order to stay the course, Parisi said to only go to the grocery store once a week or once every two weeks, while not going overboard and hoarding resources.