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UW Health doctor pushes for vaccinations in the Latinx community

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- As vaccination rates fall across the country, many communities of color are still showing lower rates than others, but one doctor in Dane County has been spearheading an effort to change that.

"We started hearing a lot in the media about 'oh the minority populations, they are not going to want it. There is gonna be a lot of hesitancy,'" UW Health Primary Care Provider Dr. Patricia Téllez-Girón said. "Particularly here in Dane County we started thinking, huh, I don't think that is going to be the case with our population."

Téllez-Girón spends her "off-time" as a leader in Dane County's Latinx community, and has pushed community members to get vaccinated over the past few months. She's attended multiple bilingual vaccine clinics, worked with radio and television stations, and spearheaded multiple educational efforts in the Latinx community.

She and other leaders have been able to get almost 56% of the Latinx population vaccinated in Dane County. For comparison, the national average for the same community is only 39%, and only 37% in Wisconsin.


Vaccination numbers for the Latinx population in Dane County are nearly 20 points higher than national average.

"Day one of the pandemic we jumped on the radio, we started doing education, and with the vaccine the same thing," Téllez-Girón said.

Her sister, Teresa Téllez-Girón is also a prominent community leader and has helped get the population vaccinated as well. They both serve as co-chairs on the Dane County Latino Children and Families Console.

"The reason we have been so successful with everything we've been doing is because we know each other," her sister said. "We all trust each other."