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The next chapter for the 27 Storm Track team

bob and john

27 Storm Track meteorologists Bob Lindmeier and John Zeigler

MADISON (WKOW) --  The 27 Storm Track team has been bringing southern Wisconsin residents the forecast for decades.

Bob Lindmeier has led the way through it all for decades, but we have some big news to share in 2021. In 2020, he celebrated 40 years with WKOW.

Lindmeier will be taking on a new role with WKOW, as station ambassador and senior chief meteorologist. You won't see him on air as much, but he's not leaving 27 News.

Watch the special presentation above.

"I'm excited. It means more time that I'll have to spend on golf, or whatever else I want to do," Bob said. "I'm looking forward to just having more time to vacation and do some things I really haven't had an opportunity to do being full time on air."

Bob will be passing the baton to Chief Meteorologist John Zeigler, who will now provide the weather forecast on the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts every night.

"I do have massive shoes to fill. I've seen what Bob has done and created over the past 40 years and I think I'm really excited for the challenge," John said. "It's amazing to see him doing it like this after 40 years, is really motivating to me. It's almost like a challenge, can I keep it going like Bob did for so long."

You may not see Lindmeier on air much, but as soon as 27 News can return to the community when the pandemic is under control, he'll be out at special events and will resume his climate talks.

"Education of climate change to the public is one of my passions," Lindmeier said. "I'll have an expanded opportunity to do this. Instead of spending maybe 30 seconds or so during a weather cast to briefly talk about a climate change subject, now I can put together a more extended version of that and put together a special and get more in depth about discussing various aspects of climate change."

We hope you at home will enjoy seeing more of Bob in the community and more of John on air.

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