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Ask a Doc: Baby-proofing and creating safe spaces for kids

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Ask a Doctor

MADISON (WKOW) -- Baby-proofing and creating child safeguards can save lives, and Thursday on Wake Up Wisconsin we asked a doctor about it.

Dr. Nicholas Kuehnel, pediatric emergency medicine physician with UW Health Kids in Madison, stopped by the studio.

Dr. Kuehnel said co-sleeping remains a top concern in the medical field. He offered these reminders:

  • Place babies on their backs for naps and at night until they are 1-year-old. 
  • Choose a firm mattress and fitted sheet for baby’s crib.
  • Remove toys, blankets, pillows, bumper pads and other accessories from the crib.
  • Dress baby in a wearable blanket, onesie or similar clothing for every sleep. 
  • Share your room, not your bed. Place baby’s crib or bassinet in your bedroom instead of letting baby sleep in the same bed with you.  Co-sleeping is dangerous and increases risk of suffocation.

He said falls from heights, as well as burns or furniture tip overs are also common injuries. A way to prevent many of these injuries is to baby-proof your home.

"Get down on your hands and knees to see the world from your baby’s point of view," Dr. Kuehnel recommended. 

Check the outlets, cabinets, TV stands and dressers and cords hanging from curtains.

Dr. Kuehnel said talk to your child's pediatrician and ask them questions. They will have plenty of safety information to share. 

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