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Baraboo bakery targeted in new anti-Semitic video, fliers

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BARABOO (WKOW) — The owners of Neat-O’s Bake Shoppe in Baraboo have some simple goals.

“We just want to make goodies,” Tony Nieto tells 27 News. “We want to fill people with sugar.”

Nieto owns the bakery with his wife Amanda.

After a picture of Baraboo students making what looks like a Nazi salute surfaced on the Internet, the Nietos made another goal: to stand up against hate. They spoke out against the controversial photo.

“There were no thoughts for us on the consequences of our statement, other than us doing what was right,” Nieto said. “We didn’t want to stay silent and we didn’t want that image to represent us.”

But now, the Nietos feel their statement made them a target of the people behind anti-Semitic fliers and a video uncovered this week.

The seven-and-a-half minute video surfaced on the website, but has since been taken down. The flier were posted outside Jack Young Middle School. The video and fliers paint the bakery as sponsors of Nazi images and anti-Semitism.

Nieto says the effect has been immediate, with business dropping by half since the video and fliers came out.

“We do hundreds of weddings a year and people need to know that we will not be associated with that kind of speech,” he said.

He wants people in Baraboo, and everywhere, to know he and his family don’t support any form of negativity or hate.

“We want these people to be held accountable for what they’ve done to us, it’s affected us, and to the community.”

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