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Capital City Sunday: Kenosha political epicenter for campaigns, WPPA blueprint to reform police departments

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Kenosha is now the political epicenter for both campaigns following visits from President Trump and his opponent Joe Biden.

The dueling visits highlighted the importance of racial justice protests leading up to the November 3rd election.

Political strategist Bill McCoshen and Joe Zepecki breakdown whether or not their visits we're appropriate, compelling to women voters, and their competing narratives of Mr. Trump's law and order vs. Biden's healing and unity theme.

Transforming Police Departments

Wisconsin's largest law enforcement group says it’s created one of the first detailed plans on how to reform police departments.

The ‘Blueprint for Change’ created by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. 

It calls for every police department in Wisconsin to use body cameras and would enhance riot penalties for people who take part in violence and destruction. Other proposals include increasing funding for community policing and crisis intervention training and adding protections for officers who report violations by other members of the force among other things.

Jim Palmer, executive director of WPPA, explains how he hopes these proposals will be a start to reforming how to train for police officers and increase transparency and accountability.