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$500,000 cash bond set for Janesville homicide suspect


UPDATE (WKOW) — Lucas Stuhr, the suspect in the killing Wednesday of a Janesville man, had bond set at $500,000 during a court hearing Friday.

Rock County D.A. David O’Leary said in court today that the evidence against Stuhr is some of the strongest he’s seen in a case like this.

Stuhr is accused of killing 41-year-old Clifford Grice on Wednesday outside of his Janesville home.

In addition to the woman who was an eye witness, O’Leary said Grice had surveillance cameras at his home, which captured the shooting.

O’Leary also told the court that Stuhr admitted to everything up to the shooting, but then said he didn’t remember anything about the shooting itself.

O’Leary said a review of photographs from the shooting scene showed it was clear that the shots were all to the victim’s head. O’Leary called them, “kill shots.”

Stuhr is expected to return to court Jan. 29.


UPDATE (WKOW) — The Rock County Medical Examiner’s Department has identified the homicide victim as 41-year-old Clifford Grice of Janesville.

The autopsy was done at the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office. Preliminary results show Grice died of homicidal firearm related trauma.

The forensic exam will be finished Friday.


UPDATE (WKOW) — The man arrested in a Janesville homicide Wednesday has been identified as Lucas Stuhr, Janesville Police Chief David Moore said in a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Police say Stuhr’s relationship was coming to an end with a Browntown woman and Stuhr shot and killed the woman’s new boyfriend at his Janesville home in the 2600-block of Kellogg Avenue.

The Dane County Medical Examiner has yet to identify the 41-year old victim.

Lieutenant Charles Aagaard says the woman was at the shooting scene but was unhurt.

Aaagard says there have been domestic violence-related incidents involving the woman and Stuhr in the past, but says investigators are still seeking more information.  Court records show Stuhr was convicted of a misdemeanor domestic abuse offense in 2012 involving a separate woman.

Aagaard says it’s unknown yet whether Stuhr followed the woman to the victim’s Janesville home.

Green County Sheriff Jeff Skatrud says deputies responded to Stuhr’s Green County home after the killing, but Stuhr drove his car between buildings and a snowy farm field.  Skatrud says a nearly twenty mile pursuit ensued, with Stuhr avoiding the deployment of stop sticks on Highway 11.  Skatrud days Stuhr turned into a dead end road at a Brodhead campground, and ultimately surrendered, also throwing hand gun out of his car.


UPDATE (WKOW) — Janesville police are investigating a shooting Wednesday that left one man dead.

Police in Janesville say a suspect is in custody.

The victim is a 41-year-old Janesville man who was shot multiple times and died of his injuries, according to a Janesville Police Department news release.

Police were called to the area of Kellogg Avenue and South Crosby Avenue around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday for a report of someone with a gunshot wound. An eye witness who knew the suspect told police he fled the scene of the shooting.

At about the same time, the Green County Sheriff’s Office was asked to be on the lookout for a Green County resident and his vehicle who was a suspect in the shooting.

A Monroe police officer spotted the vehicle on Wisconsin Highway 11 near Monroe.

A chase involving Monroe police, Green County deputies and Brodhead police led to the arrest of the suspect on County Highway F just west of Brodhead.

The suspect and his vehicle were turned over to Janesville Police.

A woman who lives in the area says she heard the shots and then cries for help.

“About a minute later, I heard a woman screaming,” Tiffany Buckner told 27 News. “She didn’t know the address. By the time I got in the house and back to the corner there were squads already showing up.”

Law enforcement officers in Janesville plan to hold a news conference about the shooting at 2 p.m. Thursday.

A spokesperson for the Green County Sheriff’s Office says it will also have a representative there, but could not comment on how deputies from Green County became involved in the case.