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Former youth soccer coach charged with repeated sexual assault of a minor


Daniel Gildea

MADISON (WKOW) -- A former Madison-area youth soccer coach has been officially charged with repeated sexual assault of a minor in the Dane County Circuit Court, per a criminal complaint submitted Thursday.

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According to the complaint, Daniel Gildea, now living in Round Rock, Texas, repeatedly assaulted an unidentified minor from 2012 to 2013, inappropriately touched her under the guise of helping her stretch out an injured knee.

"(Victim) said she would have one leg up on Gildea's shoulder and he would almost lean over her to help stretch her. (Victim) said at first, Gildea would have her put her hand down her own shorts and he would help put his hand over her hand. This changed to him putting his own hand inside her shorts," authorities said in the complaint.

The athlete's parents said he was close with the family and would have had access to their home during the time of the assaults. She told investigators that the assaults first started when she was 11, and continued for roughly 18 months.

Many of the assaults happened at three Oregon parks near the victim's home, and occasionally in her family's backyard or basement.

These assaults would happen during every one-on-one training session she had with Gildea, which began after she injured her knee on a family ski trip in March 2012. The assaults continued until she neared age 13, with her knee no longer needing intense rehabilitation her relationship with Gildea grew strained.

Gildea's arrest was authorized June 7, but was sealed on court order. According to an affidavit submitted by Dane County Sheriff's Office Detective Cheryl Patty, Gildea is a native of the United Kingdom and first came to the US on a program to place British soccer coaches with American teams.

Patty recommended the warrant be sealed to prevent Gildea from finding out and fleeing the country.