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Marshfield School District victim of $660,000 scam

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Scam alert

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) — The Marshfield School District says it was a victim to a cyber-scam of $660,000.

The district is now working with the FBI.

According to a press release, the school realized it was scammed on May 30. They say someone sent an e-mail pretending to be an official from a district vendor on April 23.

The school says the e-mail said the vendor was updating banking information and provided a new routing number. A payment of about $660,000 was later sent from the school to the fraudulent bank account May 22.

Immediately after the school realized it happened they say they notified police.

A party had attempted to exchange about a half-million dollars of the money through a credit union in Florida.

Staff at the credit union noticed the suspicious activity and stopped the transaction.

The school district was able to get the half-million dollar amount back.

The FBI is tracking down the rest of the money, and the school has filed a fraud insurance claim.

“The district continues to work with local police, the FBI, Forward Bank and our insurance company

to recoup the remaining money. At the same time, we are working to update our processes to

ensure nothing like this happens again. We are also alerting other school districts of this fraud,” said

Ryan Christianson, Marshfield School District Superintendent. “We are grateful for the quick response of the authorities, the bank and our insurance company to this very elaborate scam.”