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Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaks tonight



MADISON (WKOW) – Try to look up tonight and spot some meteors as the Delta Aquarids reach their peak.

Up to 20 meteors per hour may be visible, but the highest occurrence will likely favor the Southern Hemisphere.

The best chance to see the meteors will occur between midnight and dawn. Get away from city lights for your best chance to see them.

These meteors move very fast at 90,000 mph and will be fairly dim, especially compared to next month’s Perseid meteor shower peaking August 12th.

However, unlike next month’s meteor shower, tonight’s sky will be quite dark, with a new moon phase approaching.

Also good news: our skies will be mainly clear as high pressure takes control.

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If you try taking pictures of the meteor shower, turn on the long exposure setting on your camera and increase the iris. If you grab a shot, send it to and we might use it in an upcoming newscast!

Astronomers aren’t exactly sure what causes this meteor shower, but scientists at NASA think they may come from the tail of Comet 96p/Machholz, which flies around the sun every half decade.

Article image: Mike Lewinski / CC BY 2.0 


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