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Dermatologists give tips on how to prevent skin cancer this summer

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Enjoy the summer rays, but dermatologists recommend to do it safely so you can prevent skin cancer. 

The warm glow of a tan might be irresistible, but dermatologists say there are ways you can avoid the most common type of cancer in the U.S. According to Mercyhealth dermatologists, one in five Americans will develop the skin cancer at some point in their life.

Additionally, the American Cancer Society (ACS) expects nearly one million Americans to be diagnosed with melanoma in 2022, the disease that accounts for the "large majority of skin cancer deaths."

“Sunscreen alone can give a false sense of security,” said Dr. David Nelsen, a dermatologist at Mercyhealth East. “It’s still important to avoid peak sun hours, cover up and seek shade when possible.”

Dr. Nelsen offered these tips to help people take care of their skin when heading outside in the summer months:

  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Even when it’s cloudy, put on your sunscreen.
  • Sunscreens are not all waterproof and need to reapplied every 90 minutes.
  • Use sunscreen only if it has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.
  • Make sure and dress children in light-colored fabrics that cover exposed skin.
  • Avoid the midday sun when the sun’s rays are the most intense. 

The ACS also recommends using "broad-spectrum" sunscreen" which protects the skin from UVA ultraviolet rays.