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How to make obtainable New Year's goals

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Making Obtainable New Year's Goals

New Year's Resolutions

(WKOW) -- It's that time of the year to start making New Year's Resolutions and goals, but 92 percent of New Year's Resolutions fail.

Soul Seed Life & Business Specialist Amber Swenor shared that people most often fail at achieving their goals because they think of it as a sprint, and not a marathon.

"The deepest reason is if it's not tied to your deeper motivators, your deeper why and your values," Swenor said.

Swenor says there's a six-step action plan with the acronym IGNITE to help people achieve their goals.   

I: INWARD: Reflect on what do you value most? Write down your values and priorities. Your goals need to actually matter to you, personally, on a deeper level.

G: GO FORWARD: What’s your vision for where you want to go, what do you want to be different in some way? Get clear on the future vision.

N: NARROW DOWN: Take an inventory of where you actually spend your time and energy. Do a time & energy study where you take an inventory of what has fueled you up, what gives you joy, and also track what has drained your energy, time and no longer serves you or your top priorities and values, and let that go. 

I: INTENTION: What’s your mindset for your goals? Write a future self letter for the year where you write it as if your goals have already happened. Write how you feel in that moment. Read it daily or weekly to keep your intention front and center to help you stay in that feeling, and stay motivated.

T: TAKE CHARGE: Time block your schedule now to make space for action on your goals.

E: EMERGE: Do the work.

Swenor also recommends creating an accountability plan - whether with a friend, a coach, or a mentor. 

"We're not meant to go through life alone, and it can be really challenging when we're just doing it all by ourselves," Swenor said.    

If you would like help setting your goals, Swenor has an Intentional Living Guide on her website.