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Iowa County woman facing homicide charge still guardian


Laurie and Alexis Barry

DODGEVILLE (WKOW) – An Iowa County woman who’s charged with reckless homicide in the death of a 13-year old girl remains a guardian for another child, despite the protests of the child’s mother.

“Why would you allow someone to have guardianship of somebody if they murdered another child?”  Regina Robinson says of 50-year old Laurie Barry’s continued legal supervision of Robinson’s nine year old son, Adley.

Barry’s attorney Brian Brophy says Barry was not responsible for teenager Selah Kaden’s May 2018 death.

Barry is Adley’s aunt. Brophy says Barry’s guardianship of the boy came about because the “…child needed to be…saved from the circumstances created by the neglect of his biological mother.”

“I’ve never been accused of murdering someone,” Robinson says.

Robinson filed to terminate Barry’s guardianship earlier this month.  She says the homicide charge against Barry was the primary impetus for the legal step.

“They’re contesting it, saying he’s their son now,”  Robinson tells 27 News.

Authorities allege Barry and her 28-year old-daughter Alexis Barry beat the teenager and suffocated her.  They says the girl was being cared for in the Barry’s Mineral Point home to give her parents in North Carolina respite.  Court records state the teen had been treated for mental health issues.

Robinson says the homicide accusations should lead to her son’s removal from the Barry home.

“I fear for his life every day,”  she tells 27 News.

Brophy says the boy has been well cared for by Barry for several years.

“(Iowa County) Human Services has done an exhaustive investigation to ensure the welfare of the child,”  Brophy says.

Iowa County Human Services officials have yet to respond to requests from 27 News for comment on the child’s welfare.

“How do you know he’s safe?”  Robinson says.  “Because he didn’t have any outside bruises?”

“They have brainwashed him,”  Robinson says, who maintains Laurie Barry and her husband refer to Adley by another name and refer to themselves as his parents.

Laurie Barry is free on a signature bond in the felony homicide case.  She’s barred from contact with members of the victim’s family, but faces no other restrictions.

Brophy says the homicide accusation should not end her guardianship of the boy.

But Robinson says the accusation of killing another child, coupled with Barry’s refusal to even allow her to visit her son over the past four years, should disqualify Barry as a guardian.

Brophy says Robinson made no attempts to see the boy.

“They changed his name, he no longer knows me,”  Robinson tells 27 News.  “I still have presents that I bought him over the years that I still haven’t been able to give him.”

Robinson concedes she initially asked Barry to do respite care with her son as she dealt with homelessness.  Robinson tells 27 News that arrangement morphed into Barry’s successful attempt to become the child’s guardian.

Robinson says she’s traumatized by the past four years without seeing her son.  “They’ve been hell,”  she says.



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