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Pavelski shifts focus to opening a restaurant in Madison

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MADISON (WKOW)-- Current Dallas Stars player and former Wisconsin Badger Joe Pavelski is normally right in the middle of NHL playoffs at this time, but instead, he is in Madison helping open LeanFeast, a business focused on clean eating.

"It's been unique that we're back here," Pavelski said. "I've been able to see the opening of the store and learn how it works and get hands-on a little bit. You know that's the silver lining out of it."

Pavelski opened the restaurant with good friends Jay Ogle and Morgan Klein. It's on University Avenue in Madison.

"It's especially fun when you see customers come in and they either have his jersey on or their jaw just instantly drops," Klein said.

"He's really taken it upon himself to include himself and help out where he's needed," Ogle said. "It's been huge because we've really needed it in this time trying to run the business in a manner where it can still be successful in a crazy time like this."

It's a time of uncertainty for Pavelski. With his season up in the air, it leaves him to wonder what's next?

"We're adjusting," Pavelski said. "I think like anyone, I have my good days, and I have my bad days. It sounds like if we do play, it won't be with any fans for an extended period, that'll be a little bit of an adjustment, but it'll be fun to get back if we're able to."

While he waits, he feels comfort being back in the place that brought him some of his best memories.

"Being here now, I think we've had our house right around ten years, you get a real sense of this is home, this is home base for us, and no matter where we go, we'll be coming back here at some point."

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