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Proposed bill would ban polystyrene Styrofoam in Wisconsin

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WISCONSIN (WQOW) - A proposed bill in the state senate would prohibit businesses from serving food and beverages in Styrofoam packaging.

This means that food and beverages would not be served in this type of packaging unless it was sealed from outside of the state, or if it contains raw meat, poultry, fish, or seafood that will be consumed off the premises where it's sold.

This bill was introduced Wednesday, and it was referred to the senate committee on government operations.

The bill's author is local State Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick).

"Styrofoam harms the environment, we all know that, but also human health as well," said Sen. Smith.

According to the CDC, Polystyrene Styrofoam contains benzene, which is a chemical also found in cigarette smoke.

Styrene, another chemical found in Styrofoam, is listed as a toxic substance on the CDC website.

People or businesses who are found in violation of this bill would receive a written notice, and after that they would be fined either $250 or $500.

If passed, Wisconsin would become the ninth state to ban Styrofoam packaging.

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