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Sun Prairie firefighters prepare for below zero temperatures


After dealing with the fire Tuesday night, Chief Chris Garrison with the Sun Prairie Fire Department is making sure everything is prepared for the bitter cold coming later in the week.

“We’re always concerned that hydrants can freeze on us, hoses can freeze on us, nozzles, even the different components of the fire truck,” Garrison said.

Fighting fires during the winter opens up firefighters to a whole host of problems.

One of the easiest things people can do to make their lives easier is make sure the fire hydrants are easily accessible.

Aside from that, keeping yourself safe will keep firefighters safe.

“We need our residents to be safe and stay safe,” Garrison said. “Don’t put yourself in situations where you could be putting yourself in danger.”

He said that the modern gear they use keeps them pretty warm when they’re in action, but it makes many things more cumbersome, and the ice doesn’t help.

“We have issues with slipping, falling and traction type issues,” Garrison said.

Chief Garrison’s priority is keeping his people, and Sun Prairie residents, safe.

That’s why he’s making sure there are enough firefighters on standby to account for any contingency.

“It’s important to have staffing on hand because a lot of these situations, when firefighters have to come from home, will their cars run? What will be the situation with the cold? We want to have more people here.”