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Wintry mix leaves icy threat on Sauk Co. roads


SAUK COUNTY (WKOW) — In northern Sauk County, drivers saw rain, snow and rain again throughout Saturday with the threat of more gloomy weather into Sunday. The soggy slush built up on roads and sidewalks leaving behind the threat for ice, should temperatures drop.

In the midst of the mixed precipitation, the Sauk County highway department had crews on the roads starting at 11:00 a.m.

One of their patrol drivers, Scott Klemm, said their primary goal was to keep the slush from freezing to the roads.

“Once the roads get wet, then when the snow comes, it will turn to ice on you in a hurry,” he said.

Conditions were worst in the northern portion of the county and the roads were bad between Baraboo and Wisconsin Dells throughout the early afternoon, according to Klemm. He said many crews got rid of a lot of that slush with salt treatments but they’re monitoring the roads throughout the night.

“Drivers, slow down please,” he said. “I mean the roads may look like they’re just wet but it could be black ice.”

Klemm said he and other patrol drivers are checking air and surface temperatures throughout Saturday night to address any places where water and slush buildup is most likely to freeze.

As of Saturday night, he said there were a half dozen plows out in Sauk County and another half dozen prepared to come in Sunday morning. If conditions worsen, he said they have patrol members on call. Even if conditions improve, however, he said plows will still be out on the roads Sunday.

“After the storm the sun might be shining, and the roads look great but we still have hours of cleanup to do, so please give us some room,” he said.

As for those who live in Sauk County, they’re hoping for the wintry mix to stick to one type of precipitation.

“The slush, that’s just a pain to deal with,” Reedsburg resident, Allen Cohlahoff said.

He said he spent much of the morning dealing with that slush on his driveway, shoveling and applying salt to keep it from freezing, much like the roads.

“I’d rather shovel six inches of snow rather than have the rain then snow and rain then snow where it freezes and causes ice,” he said.