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Wisconsin student-athletes expressing themselves through UNCUT Madison

MADISON (WKOW)- UNCUT Madison is a non-profit organization that allows Wisconsin student-athletes to share their stories in their own words. It's a platform that allows student-athletes to prove they are human when the jersey comes off.

The organization relies on peer-to-peer communication which means the student-athletes are interviewing each other.

"It's this idea that because we know each other on a personal level, we can communicate with each other without having to go through the athletic department to coordinate any scheduling or anything like that, so we do everything on our own, and we have found that that is promoting this greater authenticity," Head of Operations Olivia Hancock said.

The idea is based on The Players Tribune, but UNCUT originated at UNC-Chapel Hill. Hancock brought the idea to life at the University of Wisconsin. She knew in order for it to take off, she had to get a big-name athlete involved. Hancock was sitting next to UW Volleyball Senior Star Dana Rettke while working the polls on Election Day and brought it up to her. Rettke was on board, and other athletes followed her lead.

"Taking athletes off the podium and making them be people, and I think through story, that's some of the best ways that can happen," Rettke said.

"I really do believe that people in Madison here are some of the best people around," UW Volleyball Freshman Elizabeth Gregorski said. "We're going to showcase that pretty well how amazing the people here on this campus are."

UNCUT Madison has already produced interviews with volleyball's Danielle Hart and football's Graham Mertz and Maema Njongmeta.

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