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Local gymnasts cope with COVID safety measures

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MADISON (WKOW)-- Local gyms are trying to land back on their feet

after taking a big hit due to the pandemic.

"Our enrollment is down significantly as all the other gyms in the area," Lake City Twisters Gymnastics Owner Aubrie Davis said.

Prior to COVID, Lake City Twisters had 80 to 120 kids per session, now Public Health Madison and Dane County guidelines limit the sessions to about 15-20 kids.

Davis is a first-year owner, balancing keeping her gym afloat while staying safe with strict guidelines in place to mask up and social distance.

"I think the girls have had a really positive attitude about coming in the gym and just embracing all the changes that we've needed to make for them to continue to do the sport that they love," Davis said.

For the gymnasts, it's worth it to continue pursuing a dream.

"My goal long term is definitely to do college gymnastics," Sun Prairie Freshman Hannah Tyson said. "Everything we had to do, I thought it was worth it."

"It's a little different with social distancing and wearing a mask, but at least we still get to do gymnastics," 11-year-old Lillian Tyson said.

Lake City Twisters has been open for three months reporting zero positive cases of coronavirus, and the athletes say this is their safe place.

"I think I just feel safe here because we know it's a safe environment and we're taking precautions," Whitehorse Middle Schooler Amalia Mohamed said.

"It means a lot to them for both their physical and mental health," Davis said. "It's a big part of their lives."

"After practice every day you just feel so happy."

Davis is staying creative in the hope of more business. Lake City Twisters is offering strength and conditioning classes for all kids in all sports. Davis says they are looking to help high school athletes who are unable to participate in a sport currently.

In addition, they are providing "Twisters Educaure" to support parents who have kids virtual learning.

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