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The last weekend of September is here!

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MADISON (WKOW) - And it'll be a tale of two seasons - Fall and Summer.

As we kick off the final weekend of September, Wisconsin will be in between two systems; the first low is continuing to slowly spin off towards the northeast while another one is sliding east.


That means that our last weekend is going to be a taste of two seasons - Saturday is going to feel like Fall while Sunday is going to feel like summer.


The reason why Saturday is going to feel Fall-like is because the cold front is going to pass on through. As it does, it'll bring Wisconsin it's only real chance for rain over the next seven days... and it's, sadly, not a great chance.


Take a look at some of the possible rain totals the area could see.


Which is unfortunate as drought conditions continue to remain across Wisconsin. Though the latest drought data suggests minor improvements overall despite extreme drought conditions returning to extreme southeastern Wisconsin.


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